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Employees in most companies are directed to some sort of self help which could be an article or a Word document or most likely a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section. Some companies have knowledge bases implemented that helps searching for relevant topics that are nothing but again FAQs. Do employees in your company really read through self-help documents and FAQs? Do they really strive to search through knowledge bases till they find what they are looking for? The answer is most likely not. Employees simply gawk at the amount of self-help information that could be confusing and distracting to them from their normal work. They are more likely to email or open a ticket with Human Resources(HR).

In almost all companies HR is under great stress. HR is trying to balance the role of how they can effectively and efficiently service the organization as well as take on a more strategic role. Employee self-service should be a big part of unburdening HR and empowering employees thus increasing their engagement.

But are the current employee self-service tools really empowering the employees the right way without hampering their productivity?

While we ponder over that question, it is comforting to know that there are huge changes in the technology world. Most recently in the development on Artificial Intelligence(AI) technologies like machine learning and language processing as well as conversational interfaces like chatbots. We at AptResponse believe that these technologies can truly help transform the way HR functions because of the following reasons:

  • Chatbots are intuitive and don't need training employees or huge change management programs
  • With chatbots you can hide lengthy FAQs and other articles related to policies or benefits and just present bite size information to employees. This helps employees process information easily without decreasing their productivity.
  • You can hide the complexities of your HR systems from employees
  • By providing intelligence in terms of employee context and HR definitions, the chatbots can learn HR domain and can help answer complex questions as well.
Our philosophy at AptResponse is to build a solution for HR customer support that provides employees accurate answers to their HR based questions in one minute or less.

Meet Apto! Your employee self-service chatbot that is powered using Artificial Intelligent Technologies. Apto already comes pre-configured with HR domain understanding. You need to add your company specific knowledge elements to get Apto to start working for you! Apto is configured with real life employee question scenarios. Visit our website at AptResponse to learn more and request a demo.