Combining AI, design thinking and HR Shared Services topics and policies to deliver seamless employee experience

Why AptResponse?
Pre-configured HR Shared Services
Our product comes pre-configured with 130+ HR Shared Services topics that are powered by 10,000+ real employee questions to help HR Shared Services team to easily setup and automate answering employee questions via chatbot, email and SMS. Topics are based on employee centric design thinking approach.
AI Knowledege base
Our product offers knowledge base that not only stores articles but is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. In simple terms, it understands natural language used by humans and not just keywords. Additionally, its flexible enough to enable or disable knowledge base articles to ensure up to date articles are served.
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Multichannel Integrations
AptResponse platform integrates with multiple channels - skype for business, slack, email and SMS. Additionally, a webchat interface can be embedded on your company's internal web page.
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